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About Us

Salom Pharmacy Limited is one of the leading pharmaceutical marketing and distribution companies in Ghana looking forward to producing high quality pharmaceutical products locally and for the Sub Regional markets.

Salom Pharmacy Limited seeks to gain a significant share of both the Local and the African markets with its own brand within the first five (5) years of manufacturing operations.

Salom Pharmacy Limited currently Manufactures, Imports, Markets and Distributes OTCs, Haematinics, Analgesics, etc...

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Our Products


These are medicines generally used to treat iron, mineral and vitamin B group deficiencies. While some of these medicines are indicated for the treatment iron deficiency anaemia in adults (Fenic Blood Tonic, Poly FZ Capsules and Syrup) and infants (Poly FZ Drops)...

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Antacids are drugs (basic in nature) which neutralise acid content in the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) to reduce gastric discomfort. Salom products classified under this heading include Mist Magnesium Trisilicate, Salogel Suspension and Salogel O Suspension...

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These drugs as the name suggest are used in the management of symptoms of cold and flu. The medications range between paediatric formulations (children) to geriatric formulations. Some of the medications are formulated to be friendly to workers...

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